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Integrated Family Services 

What we do

Raising a family can be hard and no two families are the same. We all face challenges and it's ok to ask for help.

We work with you and your family to set goals based on things you would like to change or improve. We work with you to provide a safe and caring environment for your children by building on your families' strength, parenting abilities and relationships. Together we can create more opportunities for your family to flourish.  

We are skilled social workers and welfare practitioners who can help families with:

  • parenting education, skill development and support 
  • strengthening relationships between you and your child
  • connecting to other services on your behalf like schools and hospitals so that you get the support you need
  • accessing other services to get extra help when you need it, such as financial counselling, housing, education, employment, disability, drug and alcohol or family violence support.

We work with families from all backgrounds and cultures and engage all parents in an empowering and respectful way.  

Who we help 

Families living within the municipalities of Hume or Moreland with children aged 0-18 years old, including parents with unborn children. 

What it costs

It's FREE for eligible families.

Get in touch

Families can self refer or have another person refer on their behalf by contacting:

Hume/Moreland Child First Intake: 03 9302 6100 or 1300 786 433

This service is part of the Hume-Moreland Child First and Integrated Family Services alliance and is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.